Dissolution of marriage in California

Dissolution of marriage in California: The Advanced Hints in 2018

Divorce in CA
According to the latest research of the California divorce process, there has been conducted a social inquiry that has shown that a half of the California residents have no idea of what the difference between a dissolution of marriage and a Contested Divorce is, and how to deal with both cases in a rather right way. We have decided to distinguish these two types of the divorce process and point out such a notion as a dissolution of marriage more in details. Let’s have this educational trip together.

Dissolution of Marriage vs Divorce

The main difference between these two types of the marriage termination is that one of them is an amicable way to complete the termination but another one is the way of the war and casualties. The spouses do not want to get the position of each other. In such a case, the spouses are constantly arguing or trying to negotiate, but unfortunately, all the attempts are ineffective. The dissolution of marriage is also considered to be a No-Fault Divorce, that is the most used in the whole USA, according to its wide-range of pros. Some pos are so valuable that you have to remember about them. Here they are:


  • The low-cost process. The dissolution of the marriage is considered to be the most inexpensive way to change your legal status. The main idea of such a cheap activity is that you spend money only on the must-have court fees and that is all. The preparation of the documents also requires some kind of money, but not so significant as the Contested Divorce.
  • The fast process. If you are willing to terminate your marriage the sooner the better, you should apply for the dissolution of marriage that will give you a chance to get a Final Decree within first 10-15 days.
  • The possibility to implement Online Divorce Tool.  The Online Divorce is the useful opportunity to order the preparation of the documents online, with the printable forms and an access to the PDF-format of the ready documents. You pay just $149 and you do not worry about your papers at all. It is a rather reasonable price with no hidden fees or else.  Would you like to try such an unusual kind of a helper?
  • No mediation/any other trial processes. Speaking about the mediation process, it can take a huge part of your time due to the long procedure itself. The Contested divorce couple cannot omit such a thing due to the constant arguing between each other. The  Superior Court will not grant them a Final Judgment until all their problems are solved. The dissolution of marriage does not contain such an obstacle. All the things are clear and vivid enough.
  • There is no need to show the real ground for the divorce. If the couple wants to get a dissolution of marriage, they will not reveal their own family problems to the public. There are thousands of grounds for the dissolution of marriage, so the Superior Court will not pay any attention to them. At the Contested Divorce, the couple should show the grounds for the marriage termination. The more grounds they provide the Superior Court with, the better the decision a judge will make at the convenience of one of the spouses.


The Dissolution of marriage, as you can admit, the most preferable type of the marriage termination both by the Superior Court and the divorcing couple, it has more pros than cons, but what are the cons if any? We will cover some of them.

Disadvantages of the Dissolution of Marriage

There are several of the main cons of the dissolution of marriage process Here they are:

  1. If you have any disputable questions,m it is better not to have a dissolution of marriage. Due to the fact that any misunderstandings stipulate the Contested Divorce. The spouses can argue on several issues at the same time, so be attentive and decide on what type of the termination you have.
  2. You can do something wrong with your self-representation in a courtroom. You can do it not because you are the person of lower mind or due to the lack of knowledge. Sometimes our brain plays really stupid games with us. The nervous situation makes its deal. We can simply forget such simple words as a piece of cake. You can forget to print some documents or dress officially to the court, etc. The main idea is that with mo help you can simply lose your mind. The assistance can be different: online assistance that is the most commonly used, or the help of the attorney. You decide on what to do with your divorce case.

As we can track, there are not so many disadvantages of the dissolution of marriage, but if they still exist, try to overcome them.

Cost of Marriage Dissolution

The average fee for the marriage dissolution is $5 000. It seems to be rather cheap, as we have already spoken with you, in comparison with a Contested case. It includes all the possible additional expenses and fees for the Superior Court. You have to bear in mind that the counties and courts of California can have a different price as a filing fee. So, before filing in the Petition for the Marriage Dissolution, you had better check the divorce fees of especially your county.

Is the dissolution of marriage legal?

According to Legalzoom, it is absolutely legal and has the same rights as any other divorce case. The superior Court recognizes the dissolution of marriage in California as well.  As a rule. The dissolution of marriage is the same notion as the friendly Uncontested Divorce. There are some confusions according to the various meaning, but the Court does distinguish these two activities.

Well, if you want to choose between the dissolution of marriage or the divorce process, we hope that this short guide will help you to get rid of any unpleasant situation and overcome all the difficulties as well.  We hope that you will make a correct decision and choose the type of the divorce you and your spouse really want.

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