How to divorce in California


Who knows more about the divorce process than women who were divorced several times?! They are aware of every single detail and remember all the tiny issues about the divorce procedure. Unfortunately, I am one of such women and I want to tell you all the important issues about the divorce process in California, several tips of how not to behave yourself in several cases, and more other useful information. Read and enjoy.

Simple Divorce in California

To get an easy divorce with fewer efforts, you need to remember better one thing-you and only you are an author of your dreams and actions. Your task is to do your best not to have lots of arguments with your spouse or your own family, etc. The more patience you have, the better result will be. The Uncontested Divorce can be only when you totally agree with your partner on such issues like a child custody, the alimony, the division of the property, and lots of different items. The filing for the divorce process is also one of the most important duties that you have to conduct. Both you and your spouse are ready to stop your relations, so to serve your spouse you need as soon as possible if you are the Petitioner or sign the document on time as you are a Defendant. The cost of California simple divorce process can vary from $2 000 to $5000 according to the different cases and the peculiarities of your deal.

Divorce in California with/without a lawyer

According to the California legislation, you can implement both these things. Using the lawyer will cost you such a sum of money like $3000 and more. Each hour of the lawyer costs money, so if you are ready for such an opportunity to buy his/her help, so there is no problem. If you want to save your money and try to represent yourself in a courtroom if it is required. Din California you can conduct a self-representation despite all the lawyers’ assistance. It will cost you much less, but there is a huge risk that you will do something wrong and will spend your time and money once again. It is a rather frustrating deal. You can miss your time in a court scheduled by the Superior Court and it will significantly prolong your case, In such a situation, the economy is not worth powder and shot. There is one more variant, to order the preparation of your documents and live happily ever after. On the one hand, the guys from the online divorce website will help you almost in a moment and take only the sum equals to $139-150. On the other hand, you should be extremely attentive because not all the sites are professional ones and really know what to do with your divorce paperwork. The fast document preparation will warrant you a quicker preparation for the court hearing in case you need any. If your divorce is an Uncontested one, you even do not need to go to the trial process. In California, such divorces are in favor.

Free Divorce in California

I will disappoint you a little bit, but there is no possibility to get an absolutely free of charge divorce even if you represent yourself in the Family Court or do everything by yourself, even give you and your spouse the Divorce Decree. For sure, you can save some money on the attorney help or the Sheriff absence, but there are special filing fees which must be paid anyhow. You can ask for a fee waiving, but there is no 100% assurance that you will get it. Firstly, you have to provide the Superior Court with the documents proving that now you are facing serious financial problems due to the health state or some other reasons. The Court will investigate the deal and approve or deny your fee waiver. No Contest Divorce stipulates that you are ready to pay all the fees, so be ready for the prolongation of your case if you really have a financial problem.

How long does it get to divorce in California?

In California, the term if your case will completely depend on your case. The Uncontested (No-Fault) Divorce with minor children or without children at all will last approximately 6 months. You can have a Final Decree even faster if you meet all the residency requirements of California, agree to share the marital property as equal and fair as it is possible, care about the children or the spouse if needed, or else. If your divorce seems to be a Contested one, you need to begin your case with the Mediation process, where all the quarrels or misunderstandings can be solved. The Mediator gives the spouses an opportunity to negotiate on the disputable topics and prepares them for the future court hearing. Of course, such a process cannot be fast. If one Mediation does not help, the Superior Court applies for one more attempt Finally, the court hearing is scheduled by the Superior Court, concerning all the previous Mediations. In general, the Contested Divorce will take 1 year for all the procedures included.

Court and County Difference in California

Well, to tell you the truth, all the counties and courts of the State of California have the various rule for filing the paperwork, the reconciliation period, the waiting period for the filled documents, etc. Before you decide to sign the Petition for the Superior Court, you need to know for 100% that you can divorce in your county with minimum expenses or other efforts from your side. Sometimes, people who registered their marriage in another state, want to terminate their marriage, particularly in California. There is a great possibility of the rejection by the Superior Court to fulfill it due to the residency requirements’ mismatch. The divorcing couple should remember that in courts you also can face some misunderstandings. There are different forms to fill or different price for court expenses. The time to think about your divorce institution more in details, isn’t it?


Well,  having all the things considered, my experience tells me always to check all the information you ever obtain or send, be on time in advance for the court hearing, and keep calm. Your divorce will be the fastest one if you are really willing to complete your marriage. Be strong!

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