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Well, guys, let’s get acquainted! My name is Francisca Sendika and I want to share with you some of my knowledge of the whole divorce process. In my life, I have divorced several times due to various factors but anyway I have finally come to the conclusion that the divorce can be as simple as a peanut or as difficult as a theorem, that you have to prove! The best thing about the divorce is that it finally comes to the end). Now I would like to tell you about my last divorce that did not cost me my eye just because I have applied a new way of the filing for this procedure and filing with the court. Let’s dig into my experience together with me.

How I knew about Online Divorce

To file for divorce online in California is a really easy deal, and thousands of people try to apply for this event because it is a rather cheap way of how to file for divorce. One of my friends, Amanda, decided to get divorced and was searching a lot about this type of the divorce in the social networks, different websites, so on and so forth. I was a bit sarcastic about this idea, but she couldn’t spend a big amount of money on the attorney, so it was the only one way.  Her divorce forms were ready in one day, and there were no mistakes or any inaccuracies, so Amanda successfully got a Final Decree within 14 days as it was an Uncontested Divorce and continued living happily.

My Own Experience

In some time, after Amanda’s divorce, my husband started to come home late, in addition, I saw on his shirt several pieces of the blond hair, and that hairs were not mine, because I am a ginger woman. The situation was clear-that bad apple was cheating me with other girls. I was sick and tired of it, so my next step was to know such thing as how to file for divorce without a lawyer, how long the divorce procedure usually takes, how much the divorce process in California cost, and a lot of other tremendous troubles that I failed to be aware of. After all the covered information, I came to the conclusion that divorce procedure in California is clear enough, and it is a highly bad idea to begin the Contested case due to its constant problems and really troublesome rules. I asked my husband to start an amicable process. He was not against, and the process started. In California, the divorce paperwork take the majority of the time, so we decided to ask Amanda about the name of the online company.

The Wrong Company

Unfortunately, the site that recommended Amanda was already closed, and we had to search for another one as fast as we could. The guys from the site were experienced enough, but something went wrong from the very beginning! They asked me for my card number, but I have already paid them $156, so there was no need to pay a fee once again. Then, they send me my documents, but there were several stupid remarks, and they had to redo it once again. When finally I got my papers the second time, my client card was expired, and they asked me for the additional fee. At that time I was completely morally killed by my husband all the mess happening in my life, so I cracked up and stopped working with these “dealers”. The date of filing with the Superior Court was the following week, exactly on Monday, so only the miracle could help us…or at least good whiskey.

The Survival

My husband was searching for a good online company that has positive references and a good experience in dealing with the papers of different validity and simplicity. Finally, we chose a company that was the best according to the California statistics. We called them, and an operator told us that our problem was not a problem at all. Getting divorced in California with their help was their profession. We ordered all the paperwork for $139, and in 1 day it was completely ready. We went to the Family Court on time with all the ready-made documents and were divorced in 31 days. All the problems were solved, and I went on the hen holiday with my friend Amanda and the other girls that fact that I am free again! Actually, it was not my first divorce, but I am absolutely sure that it was the happiest one ever.

Online Divorce Procedure

For your convenience, I will repeat all the stages of an online divorce service. They all have almost the same rules. Here are they:

  1. Find a reliable online divorce website and ask for the help. As a rule, they immediately told you how much it will cost and other issues important for the future cooperation.
  2. Order the documents and pay the fee for dealing with them. The filing fee can vary but not significantly. You should pay your attention to the references of the company and evaluate the level of it.
  3. Wait until your papers are ready. It can usually take from 1 day to a week. Not more. The companies try to fill your forms as fast as possible because there are a great number of different rival companies who are dreaming about stealing the clients from each other.
  4. Download the papers from your email and file with the Superior Court. Printable papers and forms are truly comfortable to use. They will be in your post, so the unlimited number of copies is also a good bonus to the whole process.

The whole process is done. Rather simply, don’t you think so? Well, guys, I have to tell you that the divorce process is always hard. Really. It consumes a lot of your money, nerves, time, and other resources that you can spend on other more pleasant things. However, you should improve your life as much as you can. Keep smiling anyway. This is the main idea of being undeniably happy!

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