Do It Yourself Divorce in California


Every time we are searching for the better life, it can be in every sphere that you are involved in: work, relations, hobbies, etc. If the marriage is cracking, the best idea is not to hold it as more as you can, think that everything will improve in the future, but to appreciate your time and your interests. Sometimes, it is extremely hard to just let it go. We are only the human beings and are not so strong morally. However, only you can change your life. Only you can see the best way of how to do your life better, so don’t lose your chance to become an absolutely happy person and believe in yourself as much as you can. In this article, we will speak about the different ways of getting a divorce, particularly a Do-It-Yourself Divorce.

Do-It-Yourself Divorce: General Characteristics

If you suppose that only a lawyer can help you with the crucial aspects of the divorce process, you are completely wrong. In my life, I have been divorced for several times, and each time was a unique one. The first my divorce procedure was conducted under the total control of the attorney, but unfortunately, it did not help us to have a long and exhausting divorce. We spent almost 4 months on all the useless trash like redoing the paperwork for the court or several misunderstandings with the marital property division. Everything was rather terrible. So, when I was preparing for the divorce for the second time, I decided to omit the assistance of the lawyer and save my $2000-3000 for my separate life. I was right. The DIY Divorce has its main characteristics, like as follows:

  1. You represent yourself in the courtroom with no support from the side of the attorney
  2. You do not pay a huge sum of money for other services like the Mediation procedure and a lot of others
  3. Only the Uncontested Divorce can deal with the DIY procedure
  4. You serve your spouse with all the important divorce forms and documents by yourself
  5. You announce about your spouse being missed in local newspapers and journals. In addition, you can ask all his/her relatives, friends or other people, who know any information about his/her location, to help you to find him/her
  6. You should prepare all the documents for the divorce case in advance

Here are the main characteristics of the DIY Divorce, as you can accept, the main idea to get an easy DIY Divorce is to be really organized person and have some free time to conduct all the issues regarding the divorce case.

Why is Do-It-Yourself Divorce popular in California?

In California, the Do-It-Yourself Divorce is one of the most popular cases, because people want to save their money on the different services that are considered to be useless. The majority of those who have tried such a case is absolutely sure that the simple way to get the divorce is to follow the instructions that are shown on the websites of the county courts of California. The approximate percentage of California residents that used to apply for the DIY Divorce is at least 10%. This number is gradually growing, step by step is considerably huge.

 Common Risks of Do-It-Yourself Divorce

In spite of all the good and profitable points of the Do-It-Yourself Divorce, there are several cons of this process that can greatly influence the divorce process in a negative way. Here they are:

  1. You can fill in the divorce documents in a wrong way. If you are filing for divorce procedure by yourself, there is an enormous risk to do something wrong. You are not a lawyer and you can not be aware of all the peculiarities of the preparation of the documents. It is absolutely normal for you to fill in the papers again and again that, of course, will prolong your divorce process in general.
  2. The courts of the counties have various rules and filing fees. You should do your best to get known all the feeling fees and legislation stipulations in advance. If your court changes the rules, it means that you will have a total mismatch that will cause other different troubles. It looks like an uncomfortable deal at all.
  3. You can miss several important issues. Unfortunately, it is also a human factor. If your divorce is the first one in your life, you will not know all its special features. You can miss something important, and it will be a completely your guilty.

Well, having seen all the risks, we can admit that it is easier to learn several items of the divorce process in your country or have an alternative.

Online Divorce

If you are not sure that you are ready to prepare your divorce documents to file with the court by yourself, you need to choose the most suitable variant in such a situation. You can order the preparation of the documents online. I did it, and everything was well-done. You find the trustworthy website with such an online service, order the process of filing of your documents, pay a stable fee with no extra hidden prices, approximately $139, wait for 1-2 days, take the ready-made papers from your email, print the forms and documents, and the last step- you file with the court. With my own experience, I can say that such a preparation of your divorce documents is a truly easy deal. You do not think about how to fill this paperwork, in case of having any questions, the team of the professionals will assist you anyway and try to solve your trouble. This way is like a wonderful combination of help from the side of the third party and a cheaper alternative to the attorney assistance. You can choose it and will never regret.

Well, according to everything told above, I can say that you can choose different types of the divorce process, the most important thing is the result, so try that one type of this complex proceeding that will definitely bring you the successfully granted Divorce Decree. I absolutely believe in you!

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