How do I start a divorce in California


How can you start a new life? Easily! Just stop your relations that bring you only sadness and disappointment. Of course, it is not an easy deal at all, but we can admit that a great number of people began to be more successful after the divorce than in the legal marriage. The divorce means that your soul is open for the new impressions and feelings again. You have lost just a part of you, but this part is truly renewable. As a person who divorced several times, I can tell you that you should think about the divorce in advance because it is a strengths-money- and-time-consuming deal that will become one of the most essential events in your life. I will tell you here, how to commit a divorce procedure, begin this process, and wait for the Final Judgment. Let’s see it together.

Thoughts about Divorce

My first marriage was registered because I loved my husband very much! For me, he was the best man in the world, and I wanted to live with him all my life. But with the pace of time, in 3 years, as the well-known book says, love really lives three years. Our feelings were over and we decided to terminate our marriage in a friend way. We decided to conduct this action until it is too late. We asked several spouses who had already divorced, about the divorce process, and they told us that it was not easy at all. The quick divorce in California can be only if both you and your spouse are ready to agree on everything for the sake of the fast divorce. The obvious result is that your Uncontested result is finished in 14 days or even less. We had some marital property, and for the first time, it was difficult to get an agreement. We could not define our shares, and it became a trouble. The Contested divorce in California stipulated that you and your spouse will have thousands of various mediation processes, court hearings, and other useless and unpleasant nonsense. Regarding this fact, we agreed on all the items concerning the marital property and the process began. Thank God, we did not have common children so that the procedure appeared to be even faster than we had expected.

The beginning of the Process

First of all, we needed to fill in the Petition for the Dissolution of Marriage. We took it from the California official site and filled it in together. However, the process of the documentation filing became a total nightmare, so we decided to order the preparation of this document online. Everything was well, and we filed with the Superior Court with the Petition. The Superior Court took it and gave a list of other various documents that were terribly hard to fill in. We had a small negotiation with my spouse and decided to order the preparation of all our documents online. It was a wise decision because nobody wanted to wait 30-40 days. The situation was rather vivid. Such a process of the preparation of the documents for the Uncontested Divorce cost us $139. It was an available price for us. We were full of other different deals. The guys from the online service did everything well, with no remarks or inaccuracies, that was really cool. So, we were ready for the divorce itself.

Divorce Procedure

When we file with the divorce, the judge told us that we were ready for having the Final Decree. Thanks to that online service, we did not have any troubles with the papers approving by the Superior Court. When we went to the court, we were together. Of course, we did not want to waste extra money on the paperwork preparation by the lawyers or other legal bodies. The judge scheduled our time and we went to the courtroom on time. The judge was telling us some official staff, and we were listening and thinking about the end of this craziness. Finally, the judge told us that we are legally separated and gave us a Final Decree. Huгreeey! We became a happily divorced couple. The whole procedure at the court took approximately 1 hour. All the matter was at the filing for the divorce. It was also a big luck that both I and my husband were California residents from the very beginning. It was a good deal, because, according to the residency requirements, you can’t divorce in California, unless your living term in this state is less than 6 months. Rather serious rules, don’t you agree with me?

Property Division

I told you that you that earlier we had had several problems with my husband of who will have a better part. Finally, we agreed without any assistance from the side of attorney or else, but in general, the process of the property division in California is rather interesting. I was reading some information about it when we had been having several disagreements, so I will share with you some information. Firstly, the spouses should grant the Superior Court all the documents that the property is truly marital, there is no fraud in the papers, etc. All the property is evaluated by the independent experts to realize a real cost of the property. Moreover, the individual property also should have some documents to prove that it was either a gift or the property bought separately. Everything should be proved by not only words but checks as well. The Superior Court deals with the marital property division as fair as possible, so the spouses can be absolutely sure that their own property will be with them.

All in all, I have to say that the divorce process can be started as soon as possible only for your comfort. You should remember that the types of the divorce are different and choose that one that will be the most suitable especially for your case. Read the information only on those sites that you trust and remember about your final goal-to terminate your current marriage, does not matter how difficult it can be.

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